Tuesday, August 16, 2016

crocheted hats

getting ready for a craft fair on Saturday, November 12, 2016. am crocheting as fast as i can getting everything ready. time tends to fly by when u think u have plenty of it. but i have learned from past experience that is never the case.  

just thought i share some pics of a few hats i have crocheted.

i decided to try these 2 colors in this lattice style as these r really stunning together. the pic does not do these two yarns justice. with the neon blue as the main color, i used the white metallic as the lattis part in the first pic u see. the second pic same pattern with the colors reversed. both of these came out beautifully. when u see them for yourself, u can see how stunningly beautiful they came out. yarn: I LOVE THIS YARN, color: neon blue, white metallic.

this hat is for sale.

this hat is for sale

This hat is made for my mom by request. when i showed her a pic of the first hat i made, she immediately requested one in black and white. the pic below shows the finished piece.

i made this one in the basket weave. i decided to make this basket weave pattern with a single stripe of white. Yarn: I LOVE THIS YARN. Colors: black, white metallic. this hat is for sale.

until next time...