Tuesday, August 16, 2016

crocheted hats

getting ready for a craft fair on Saturday, November 12, 2016. am crocheting as fast as i can getting everything ready. time tends to fly by when u think u have plenty of it. but i have learned from past experience that is never the case.  

just thought i share some pics of a few hats i have crocheted.

i decided to try these 2 colors in this lattice style as these r really stunning together. the pic does not do these two yarns justice. with the neon blue as the main color, i used the white metallic as the lattis part in the first pic u see. the second pic same pattern with the colors reversed. both of these came out beautifully. when u see them for yourself, u can see how stunningly beautiful they came out. yarn: I LOVE THIS YARN, color: neon blue, white metallic.

this hat is for sale.

this hat is for sale

This hat is made for my mom by request. when i showed her a pic of the first hat i made, she immediately requested one in black and white. the pic below shows the finished piece.

i made this one in the basket weave. i decided to make this basket weave pattern with a single stripe of white. Yarn: I LOVE THIS YARN. Colors: black, white metallic. this hat is for sale.

until next time...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

wonderful hot pad pattern

saw a great pattern in fb post that i just really liked. so i searched thru the comments and found the location of this beautifully designed hot pad. after downloading to ibooks, i started in on it.

after i finished off the pattern and wove in the ends, i began the task of figuring out how to finish it off. the instructions r a bit confusing. but i finally did get the "petals" to look like the picture. u actually have to twist each one so the fold is correct. here is the finished piece. i added an extra row of sc with ch4 picots. I LIKE IT!!
the color used is CARON ONE POUND persimmon and RHSS soft white.

pattern location www.freecraftunlimited.com/flower-hot-pad.html

took about 3hrs to make. will definitely be making more of these. 🙂

Thursday, March 31, 2016

a tangled mess

making a shawl using alpaca yarn from cascade yarns. the colors r garnet (red) and black. hoping to have it finished by 08May2016. however, the yarn is being a bit "knotty". not thinking me did not unwind the thing before beginning the piece. so, now i have a wonderful mess of red yarn that does not want to cooperate.

a 437yd entangled mess of wonderfully soft alpaca yarn. i am quite frustrated with it. i stood at my crafting table for a good 6 hrs in between attempting homemade bread. i still have not gotten it to bring usable. 
however, lesson learned. i have 3 more hanks to unravel but will be wiser on how i do them. 😉 her's to hoping i get this mess untangled and caked by tomorrow. we'll see.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

the making of a dragon

on 04March2016, i decided to try a larger amigurumi. i had not tried anything other than stuffed bears. as i searched thru patterns of larger stuffed toys very different from bears, i came across a dragon crochet pattern designed by Vanja Grundmann.
i scanned the pictues and pattern. did not look too difficult as the pattern is well written. u definitely need to know how to read this pattern as it is written to a more advanced pattern reader. i chose to do create a dragon.

pattern: BB_DRAGON
designed by: Vanja Grundmann
color of yarn used: I LOVE THIS YARN neon orange/RED HEART SUPER SAVER bright yellow
hook size: G4.5mm

below r the pieces of the dragon. not pictured: yellow body patch.

the body and head r made separately. first the head and then the body is made from an opening for stuffing. once the body is complete, the ridgeback is crocheted directly down the back.

the rest of the pieces r then attached.

the finished dragon is now ready for a child to enjoy.

i made a few mistakes on this, my first, so i will not sell it. i have a grandson, Gabriel, who should enjoy it.

will definitely make another one. this time, using bright yellow as main color with the neon orange as accent color. hopefully i learn from mistakes made on first.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

i created a pattern!

i wanted to make something with a shamrock. so i looked for patterns on how to create one. here r the 2 i chose:
the pattern and video were very easy to follow.

this one is from bag-o-day crochet and more.
a bigger/taller leaf that is easy to do. the video was easily understood. however, i could not find the written pattern. i may write it out one day if no other can be found.

and finally my idea that combined the two patterns above.

i created my own shamrock with a square. i wish i had more green to make more squares and put up pics in the pattern. but alas, yarn is not, and this is my only square for the time being.

please leave a comment if u make this piece. would love to see how yours turns out.

in Christ,

Sandi's Creations

4-Leaf Shamrock Square
design created by Sandi Freeman

i came up with my design by combining 2 different styles of shamrocks found on the web: bhookedcrochet.com and bag-o-day crochet and more. please check out their versions of this shamrock.

materials needed
yarn: any kind will work.
hook: your choice
yarn needle

RND 1 ~ in magic circle place 12dc, slst to first dc to join.

RND 2 ~ leaf: ch 1, sc in same st, *ch3, skip2 sts, sc in next st*. repeat from * - * 3x slst to first sc. stem: ch10, hdc in 3rd ch from hook, 3 hdc, 4sc, slst to first dc (same as join for leaf).

RND 3 ~ slst into ch3 sp, ch1, {sc, hdc, dc, tr2, dc, hdc, dc, 2tr, dc, hdc, sc} slst into dc from previous round. 

NOTE: make sure slst is secure so your leaf doesn't "flop" around.

RND 4 ~ standing dc, 2dc, *3dc in each leaf skipped sts,* repeat from * to * 2x. slst to first dc.

RND 5 ~ ch4, dc in same sp ch 1 dc in same sp, *ch1, dc, ch1,* repeat * to * 2x. dc ch1 dc ch1 dc** in same st, repeat from * to ** 2x. join with slst.

RND 6 ~ ch3, dc ch1 dc ch1 dc to form corner. ch1, *dc in ch sp dc in st* repeat 5x. dc in next ch sp. dc ch1 dc ch1 dc in next st(corner).** repeat from * to ** 2x. {ch1, dc in ch sp dc in st} repeat 4x, dc next st. slst to join.

RND 7 ~ ch4, dc ch1, *dc ch2 tr ch2 dc, ch1, dc12 (in space between sts all the way around). ch1 dc in sp, ch1,* repeat from * to * 3x

RND 8 ~ ch1 sc in same, ch2, skip1,  sc, ch2, skip1, sc, 2sc in ch2 sp, sc hdc sc in next st (should be middle  tr of previous rnd), 2sc in ch2 sp, sc in next st, *ch2, skip2,  sc* repeat from * to * 5x,  [ch2, skip1, sc 2x] 2sc in ch2 sp, sc hdc sc in next st (should be middle  tr of previous rnd), 2sc in ch2 sp, sc in next st, *ch2, skip2,  sc* repeat from * to * 6x, ch2, skip1, sc, 2sc in ch2 sp, sc hdc sc in next st (should be middle tr of previous rnd), 2sc in ch2 sp, sc in next st, ch2 skip1 sc *ch2, skip2,  sc* repeat from * to * 6x, 2sc in ch2 sp, sc hdc sc in next st (should be middle tr of previous rnd), 2sc in ch2 sp, sc in next st, *ch2, skip2,  sc* repeat from * to * 4x, ch2 slst in beginning sc to join.

RND 9 ~ ch1, 2sc in sp 2x, sc2, sc hdc sc (corner), sc3, 2sc in each sp across, sc2, sc hdc sc (corner), sc3, 2sc in each sp across, sc3, 2sc in each sp across, sc2, sc hdc sc (corner), sc3, 2sc in each sp across, sc3, 2sc in each sp across, sc2, sc hdc sc (corner), sc3, 2sc in next 5 sp. slst to join.

secure, cut, weave in ends.

u may sell any pieces u make. please link back to this original pattern when sharing. please do not sell or rewrite this pattern as your own.

if u come across any mistakes, please let me know thru this blog.

sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
dc - double crochet
tr - treble/triple crochet
st(s) - stitch(es)
sp - space
rnd - round
slst - slip stitch

Friday, February 26, 2016

a few projects...

what i'm working on now

for hubby...

another stuffed toy...

a shawl...

larger than life shawl...

these r just some of my pieces. still organizing everything.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


here r a few pieces i am working on...

each of these pieces will be for sale.

there is another i am in the middle of another as well. had to wait for the yarn to come in.

these and much more i will share.

until next post, keep hooking!