Thursday, March 31, 2016

a tangled mess

making a shawl using alpaca yarn from cascade yarns. the colors r garnet (red) and black. hoping to have it finished by 08May2016. however, the yarn is being a bit "knotty". not thinking me did not unwind the thing before beginning the piece. so, now i have a wonderful mess of red yarn that does not want to cooperate.

a 437yd entangled mess of wonderfully soft alpaca yarn. i am quite frustrated with it. i stood at my crafting table for a good 6 hrs in between attempting homemade bread. i still have not gotten it to bring usable. 
however, lesson learned. i have 3 more hanks to unravel but will be wiser on how i do them. 😉 her's to hoping i get this mess untangled and caked by tomorrow. we'll see.

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